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Solar Services

Dodson Drone Solutions, LLC provides many different solar PV services. We have maintained a portfolio of over 12MW of solar arrays throughout the Northeast for the past 4 years and are continuing to grow our portfolio. Annual maintenance inspections, inverter repair/replacement, and module testing and replacement are just a few of the solar services we provide.

We also perform system commissioning on solar PV arrays throughout Vermont. Commissioning a new solar project is crucial to ensure the system is going to run optimally once it is turned on and connected to the grid. Whether it is a string that didn't get wired up properly or a missing module bolt, we've found many items that were rectified before they could cause an issue. 

Whether you've got an old system in need of a little TLC or a new system that is about to come online, contact us to come out and get the system running at its full potential.

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