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Aerial Photography and Drone Services

These days drone footage is used for everything from real estate sales to feature movies. If you're searching for drone services in Vermont, check out Dodson Drone Solutions, LLC. We're a locally owned and operated solar PV and drone services company founded by Matt Dodson, a certified and licensed FAA remote pilot and certified Level 1 thermographer. Dodson Drone Solutions, LLC is also fully insured.

We provide drone services in Vermont that include 3D modeling to help contractors accurately measure the dimensions and angles of roofs and create shade analysis reports. Plus, we can export the 3D model as a CAD file. Our drone services also include high-resolution infrared images and video to help pinpoint issues in Solar PV arrays. Dodson Drone Solutions, LLC provides drone photography in Vermont and with 5 years of drone flying experience we thoroughly understand how to use this technology to its maximum potential. The possibilities are endless.

Our aerial photography service makes your advertisement and property stand out, whether for a residential property, a vacation destination feature, or a commercial facility. In addition, aerial videos are a great way to highlight an area, plus, they take commercials to another level.

An aerial photography service might be exactly what you need to take your marketing campaign from okay to spectacular. We also provide thermography, 3D modeling, and Orthomosaic Mapping to produce a map of a large area. Our Orthomosaic Mapping service helps contractors identify environmental changes and track the progress of a construction project.

Are you searching for aerial photography services? Check out our gallery online and get in touch to find out how Dodson Drone Solutions, LLC can help.

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