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Aerial Photography/Videography

High quality images and videos taken from the sky. It offers a unique perspective for real estate photos and can give a better idea of the property size and boundaries. 


3D Modeling

Taking advantage of the drones ability to capture geo referenced   images, I use a 3rd party processing software to create 3D models. These models can be used to accurately measure dimensions and angles of roofs, create shade analysis reports and the 3D model can also be exported as a CAD file.


Aerial Thermography

High resolution infrared images and video taken from above can reduce time spent looking for issues on the ground. IR imaging can help pinpoint issues in Solar PV arrays as well as give more detail during roof inspections.


Orthomosaic Mapping

Using a pre-programmed autonomous flight pattern and photo stitching software I am able to create highly detailed maps. These maps can be used to make accurate measurements as well as show updated real estate assets and construction site progress.

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